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Pasadena Group Fitness Classes

Burn Calories. Get Fit. Have FUN! That's What Our Classes Are All About!

If you want to get in great shape in a short amount of time, our Group Fitness classes are perfect for you! Each class offers a supportive and accountable group environment, but also provides personalized one-on-one attention from a trained professional. We offer the following group fitness classes (click each class to learn more!):

Cardio Kickboxing

Bootcamp Circuit Training


Kids Martial Arts in Pasadena

You will develop flexibility, power, speed, and coordination that you never thought was possible! Our workouts are designed so that non-athletes and pro athletes alike can benefit from this class. Our skilled coaches are second to none! Each class is designed to define every muscle in your body, while also improving cardiovascular health. If you are sick of boring treadmill workouts, join this fun and exciting class to see awesome results!

The Best Cardio Workout in Pasadena

The benefits of a high energy and fast-paced cardio workout are endless. We have no doubt that you will see dramatic physical differences after just a few short classes. Below are just a few of the added benefits you will receive if you sign up for any of our Group Fitness Classes in Pasadena:

  • Gained confidence and overall happiness
  • Improved strength, stamina, and flexibility
  • Decrease in stress
  • Improved focus and attention span throughout the day
  • Relief from joint pain or muscle tension

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