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Learn the Traditional Ways of Martial Arts Today!

At Golden Dragon Defense, you are our top priority. We focus on each individual's needs to build a program specifically for you. If you want to gain inner peace, positivity, and confidence, sign up for our Adult Martial Arts classes today. We teach a wide variety of Martial Arts, including Tae Kwon Do and Eskrima. Each class is guaranteed to challenge you, while also teaching you valuable lessons that will last you a lifetime.  

Our experienced and highly skilled instructors will guide and coach you, so you not only meet your goals, but exceed them. Adult Martial Arts in Pasadena is for anyone; we truly belive that everyone can benefit from our classes, both mentally and physically. All ages and fitness levels are welcome! You don't have to be a trained fighter to succeed in our classes!

Kids Martial Arts in Pasadena

Adult Martial Arts in Pasadena Offers Second to None Coaching

At Golden Dragon Defense, we are a tight knit family who keeps each other accountable and motivated from the very beginning. We have no doubt that you will feel welcomed from the minute you walk through our doors. Your body will also reap tons of added benefits and features that are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Just see for yourself:

  • You will learn valuable, real-life self defense skills that will keep you and your family safe
  • You will notice a drastic difference in your mental health and strength
  • Your stress levels will plummet and your energy levels will sky rocket
  • You will experience a boost in confidence and self-discipline
  • And so much more!

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