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  • Need a Summer Camp?

    New in 2021! GDD is happy to announce Summer Camp 2021. We will offer full or half day weekly options, beginning June 19 th through August 27 th . Full day: 8am-5pm; Half-days 8am-1pm. Let us help your child build Discipline, Self-Confidence, Physical Fitness, Leadership and Tae Kwon Do skills. In addition, we’ll have arts and crafts, movies, pizza parties, dance parties and our famous nerf gun battles! For more information, email . ....

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  • Having a Birthday soon?

    GDD now offers birthday parties at the dojang on Saturdays and/or Sundays! Let GDD take care of the party for you: set up, clean up, supplies, tables, chairs, and most importantly- the ENTERTAINMENT! You can provide the food and drinks or leave that up to us! Additional options include a NERF gun party, board breaking, a ninja pinata, and/or goodie bags. Email for more information! ....

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  • We’ve REMODELED!

    Some of you may have seen the progress on Facebook or in person during the month of January. We recently remodeled our interior and gained over 500+ square feet. Just in time for Spring, we have a fresh update: new floors and a new layout. We added more space which gave us a designated sparring area, a separate workout area, and more TKD space. In addition, the additional square footage allows us to safely accommodate more people inside! If you have not been here in a while, come check us out! ....

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  • The Road to a Black Belt – Spotlight on Heidi

    Why did you start TKD? I started taekwondo because I wanted to do an extracurricular activity, and my dad suggested martial arts. I remember walking in that studio for the first time when I was six years old, and I told Ms. Maria “I’m going to be a black belt and I’m going to help you teach.” Look at me now, six years later- in two months I’ll be testing to do exactly that! It’s been such a long road filled with tough mental and physical training, testings, tournaments, board breaks, seminars, and many, many hours of pure training, but I’ve finally made it, and I’m so glad that all those years ago I told my dad yes when he asked if ....

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  • The Road to a Black Belt – Spotlight on Nate

    Golden Dragon Defense will hold our next Black Belt testing in December. Two of our longest members, Nate and Heidi, will finally earn their black belts from Ms. Maria. We asked them about their experience with GDD and why they started TKD. Our first spotlight is on Nate, who is currently 16. · Why did you start TKD? I thought it would be fun, and help me be able to defend myself · What do you like most about TKD? The sense of family at GDD, and teaching because it helps boost my confidence · What do you like most about Golden Dragon Defense? Pretty much everything · Is Dragon Lady as scary as she sounds? No, because she has a huge heart · How long ....

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  • Testing

    We will have our next testing on November 14th and December 12th. In addition, we anticipate our next Black Belt testing for two of our longest members on December 19th. We are busy preparing everyone for testing. The studio is buzzing with lots of kicks, self-defense, sparring, and combinations! New pictures to come soon. ....

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  • Holidays


    The holidays are coming! Golden Dragon Defense spent the past weekend cleaning and broke out the Halloween decorations. We turned our lobby into a creepy, crawly space complete with spiders, ghosts, and scary skeletons! So far, everyone seems to like the atmosphere created. ....

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  • Turning a Negative into a Positive

    When the COVID restrictions were put into place for Anne Arundel County, Golden Dragon Defense had to reduce the number of people allowed inside the dojang. This meant family members had to remain seated outside the dojang to watch their student. What this also meant was that family members could not be present inside when their child/loved one tested. To remedy this, we used Facebook Live, along with an online meeting platform, to bring testing to the family. In doing so, we found MORE family members could be present! Family members not in the immediate area could be a part of the testing, in a way we couldn’t offer pre-COVID. COVID may have changed how we conduct testing, but it ....

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  • The Tooth Fairy’s Helper

    Something you may not know about Ms. Maria is that she is a very good helper… to the Tooth Fairy. Just last week, Ms. Maria pulled out yet another baby tooth for a student. A student showed her that one of his front teeth was really loose, but he just couldn’t get it to come out. Ms. Maria took a tissue and asked to see what was going on in there. And just like that, the tooth popped out! The Tooth Fairy was very grateful for Ms. Maria’s help, and so were the student’s parents! ....

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  • Self-Defense/Sparring

    Self-defense and Sparring in a Covid world You might be wondering how you learn self-defense and sparring when you need to keep 6ft. apart. Well, sometimes, it helps to use a prop! At GDD, Ms. Maria and Mr. Kevin use a large kicking pad as a visual to help students learn to practice footwork and combinations, all while the students keep their social distance. The kicking pad stays on the ground while the students move in a circle around it. They gain an understanding of physical space in addition to being able to practice hand and kick techniques. Even though you can't touch each other, it doesn't mean you can't learn the techniques. It just takes some ingenuity and creativity! ....

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