GDD’s Family of the Month!

GDD’s Family of the Month!

Meet the Steinbachs; Golden Dragon Defense’s inaugural family to be featured in our blogs. In thinking about what to share with our webpage visitors, we thought we’d introduce some of the families who have found GDD and what makes them stay with us. We are asking each family a series of questions and recording their answers. Mike and his wife Karla have twin boys, Austin and Aiden, soon to be age 8. Here is what this local family of four had to say: 

  1. What brought you to GDD? Austin, being the elder twin by 1 minute ( as he quickly pointed out to me), responded saying he wanted to help and to protect others. Austin led the family to Tae Kwon Do as he was the first in the family to want to do the martial arts. After seeing a class one night after eating at nearby Fifer’s restaurant, he told his parents he wanted to do Tae Kwon Do. Aiden, the younger twin, chimed in saying that he came to TKD because it took more training here to get your belt. “You have to take A LOT of classes!” Aiden said. Dad, Mike, said besides his kids being the reason he came to GDD, he also attributed his staying to Ms. Maria. “She treats everyone the same, hard on all of us in a good way, no matter the age or ability”. Austin and Aiden correctly guessed their mom’s answer, “structure!”.
  2. What is your favorite pattern or kick in TKD? Everyone agreed: “side piercing kick!”
  3. What advice would you have for a new person coming to GDD? Austin stated very caringly, “if you need help, I’ll help teach you b/c I’d be a higher rank than a new person”. Aiden advised, “if you train at home and practice, it (TKD) won’t be as hard as you think”. Mike agreed with his son, “If you want to go far in TKD, you need to practice at home too”. Mom, Karla, rounded out the family saying, “don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone”.
  4. What do you like to do when you aren’t at the studio? “Play tag!” said Austin. Aiden responded very seriously, “train and practice TKD!”. Mike asked his sons what they thought he’d say and they correctly guessed: hunting and football! According to the boys, their mom liked to take care of them and “get snuggles”… or she liked to read. Karla did agree to the snuggles, however, she said reading would be more likely.
  5. Our final question: what has GDD done for your family? Austin sagely answered, “GDD has made us a more loving family. It’s prepared us for life instances, you know the “hard stuff”, like when things get bad, you have to get things done no matter what”. Aiden said he liked the fact that the whole family gets to be here, together. Mike concurred with his boys and also said he felt it’s brought him and the boys closer together. “I like doing sports with my dad growing up and now I can do the same thing with my boys”. Karla rounded out the group saying it created more structure and routine for the family and made them more respectful to each other.

Come meet the Steinbach’s and all our other cool families at GDD!! Our door is always open for you! Stay tuned for next month’s GDD family!

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