The Road to a Black Belt – Spotlight on Nate

Golden Dragon Defense will hold our next Black Belt testing in December. Two of our longest members, Nate and Heidi, will finally earn their black belts from Ms. Maria. We asked them about their experience with GDD and why they started TKD. Our first spotlight is on Nate, who is currently 16.

· Why did you start TKD? I thought it would be fun, and help me be able to defend myself

· What do you like most about TKD? The sense of family at GDD, and teaching because it helps boost my confidence

· What do you like most about Golden Dragon Defense? Pretty much everything

· Is Dragon Lady as scary as she sounds? No, because she has a huge heart

· How long have you been learning from Ms. Maria? Since the minute Ms. Maria started teaching with Golden Dragon Defense in 2014!

· What advice would you give to a white belt starting out? To persevere and keep going

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