Golden Dragon Defense is taking COVID-19 very seriously as well as the health and wellness of your family. Find out more about our current precautions here. 

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  • Self-Defense/Sparring

    Self-defense and Sparring in a Covid world You might be wondering how you learn self-defense and sparring when you need to keep 6ft. apart. Well, sometimes, it helps to use a prop! At GDD, Ms. Maria and Mr. Kevin use a large kicking pad as a visual to help students learn to practice footwork and combinations, all while the students keep their social distance. The kicking pad stays on the ground while the students move in a circle around it. They gain an understanding of physical space in addition to being able to practice hand and kick techniques. Even though you can't touch each other, it doesn't mean you can't learn the techniques. It just takes some ingenuity and creativity! ....

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    Testing Ms. Maria and her band of merrimen (aka instructors) successfully held the first post-Covid shutdown testing last Saturday, July 25th. We tested 14 students in the studio but the notable part was our ability to have parents participate via the internet. GDD held its first online viewing for testing. Sincewe were limited to the number of people in the dojang, we decided to hold a Facebook live session along with a Webex session. The best part was that parents could invite grandparents, friends, and others who might be out of the area, but want to participate. The technology worked and the students all passed to their next belt level! We will hold our next testing later this month ....

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  • COVID-19 Precautions

    GDD is thinking of YOU during these unprecedented times. Here is a list of the things we are doing to protect you as best as we possibly can: 1. Class sizes are limited to 24 students, spaced 6' apart with "X" spots marked on the floor so students stay a safe distance from each other. Parents and families are asked to watch their students either from the comfort of their vehicle or outside on the supplied benches/chairs. This limits the number of people inside the building to no more than 28 at any given time, which is far less than the CDC recommendations for our square footage. 2. Students wait outside the door until the first class exits so there is no mingling in the lobby area. ....

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  • Number #1 School In Pasadena!

    #1 and ONLY 1
    Did you know that Golden Dragon Defense was ranked the #1 Martial Arts School in Pasadena for 2019-2020 by the patrons of Pasadena Voice? Not only were we ranked #1 in Pasadena, we are also the ONLY female owned- and operated martial arts school in Maryland (and possibly the United States; we haven't been able to fact check that yet!). Ms. Maria opened Golden Dragon Defense after teaching with her brother's school for 25 years. She wanted to create a community of "Dragon Warriors" in her home area. Golden Dragon Defense opened their doors in 2015 in Elizabeth Station off Fort Smallwood Rd and have been serving the "Dena" for 5 years now. If you've ever thought about martial ....

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  • #1 Ranking

    Just before COVID-19, Golden Dragon Defense had the honor of being named the #1 Martial Arts studio in Pasadena by the readers of the Pasadena Voice. And there are plenty of reasons for the honor! When we closed the studio in mid-March, Ms. Maria started online classes using Facebook Live and Zoom immediately the next week. She did her very best to keep her students engaged, even though she couldn’t be together with her dragon warriors in person. Her commitment to her students stayed strong and evident throughout the shutdown. She even went so far as to hold classes outdoors in her backyard, just to make sure that her students kept progressing in their learning. Ms. Maria led the ....

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  • Re-Opening!

    We are back! We are thrilled to announce our re-opening with our new full-time schedule in place effective July 6th, 2020! Rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to keep the studio clean and sanitized, with appropriate social distancing methods employed! Students are spaced 6 ft. apart and will be using contactless self-defense and sparring techniques. Floors are sanitized between each class and all surfaces are disinfected several times throughout the evening. Current students should have received our new schedule via email or visit the link on the webpage. We’ve missed our Dragon Warriors and can’t wait to have you back! ....

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  • Self Defense

    Once again, we are offering a three-week self-defense seminar on Wednesday nights from 8-9pm. Open to men and women, Ms. Maria and her volunteers will help you learn basic self defense techniques, ways to protect yourself, and be more aware of your surroundings. The seminar is open to all levels of ability. We recommend the seminar to anyone aged 16 and older. For more information and pricing, please see Ms. Stephanie in the office. ....

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  • GDD got a make-over!

    In addition to practicing and testing, Ms. Maria and friends gave the studio a make-over! New paint, new molding, and a new configuration were finished while the studio was closed for the holidays. Ms. Maria and her helpers scrubbed, sanded, painted, scrubbed some more, and cleaned every inch of the space. Come check out the new layout and try out a new class for the New Year! ....

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  • We have a new 5th Dan at Golden Dragon Defense!!

    While our students were celebrating the holidays, our very own Ms. Maria was busy testing for her 5 th Dan Black Belt. On December 28, 2019, Ms. Maria earned her next Dan black belt. For the past nine months, Ms. Maria prepared her patterns, self-defense, sparring and knowledge. Our upper level color belt students were invited to observe her testing. She wanted to be an example for them and shared that she too was nervous! But with grit, perseverance, and indomitable spirit, she got through her testing. We can’t wait to see her in her new belt! ....

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  • December Special 2019

    Want to try out a new type of fitness program? Wondering what Eskrima is all about? Come spend the month of December with GDD! For $59, you can take any class, any day, for the month of December! Learn Tae Kwon Do or Eskrima. Take a cardio kickboxing or Boxing class. Better yet, need a gift for someone, stop in and get a gift certificate for a month of any class for $59. ....

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