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  • Back to School

    Back to School
    We are now in the second week of the new school year. We hope students are enjoying their new classes, new teachers, and for some, a new school! With the new school year comes new challenges, new adventures, and new learning. If you’ve been in class recently, you’ll have heard Ms. Maria say how important reading is. You may have heard that from your teachers too! Did you know that 20 minutes of reading every day can add up to learning over 1 million words this year? Learning your TKD curriculum can be a part of your nightly reading! So don’t forget your curriculum in addition to learning your patterns and self-defense! ....

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  • Upcoming News

    Upcoming News:

    Our first Dragon’s Night of the new school year will be this Friday, September 13 th from 6:30-10pm. Come join the GDD gang for a night of laser tag, noodle fights, games, pizza, and more! You can even sign up a friend. Space is limited so sign up soon!
    We will have two testing nights in September. Belts up to green will test Friday, Sept 20 th . Blue stripes and above will test the following Friday, Sept 27 th . Testing will begin at 5:00pm.
    Starting Oct 1 st , the full dobok will be required. This includes the jacket and pants. You can wear the GDD T-shirt underneath.
    Our first TKD Tournament will be Master Skinner’s Global Tae Kwon Do @ Providence Creek ....

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  • Back to .... Dragon's Night?

    We celebrated the end of summer with a Dragon's Night so it's time to welcome a new school year with one too. On Friday, September 13th, GDD will host a Back to School Dragon's Night. Get your nerf guns ready. When you get your back to school supplies, don't forget the nerf gun supplies too! Ms. Maria is stocking up, but not with pens and pencils. Heeeheeeeheee.....mark your calendars. Sign up sheet coming soon! ....

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  • Attention Parents!

    Need something for your child to do in August? Sign them up for Tae Kwon Do! The summer is a great time to start learning a new sport. If your child doesn't have a fall sport planned, consider taking a free trial class at GDD! Our new schedule starts August 5th. Check us out before the fall rush! ....

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  • New Memberships

    Starting August 1st, we are offering new membership options for new Tae Kwon Do and Eskrima students. We will now have 3 and 6 month options, in addition to our yearly memberships. Our hope is to better serve those customers with fall and spring sports. We want Tae Kwon Do to compliment and not compete with school sports :) Come ask Ms. Maria or Ms. Stephanie for more information. ....

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  • Summer Fun with GDD

    Get ready for GDD's annual summer fun! On Saturday, August 3rd, GDD will host it's annual summer picnic. This potluck event is open to ALL GDD families. Come join your favorite black belts and Ms. Maria, and don't forget your water gun! In fact, bring a few because you can never have enough water guns on a hot day. The food sign up sheet is in the studio! See you there! ....

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  • GDD Giving Back

    GDD Giving Back

    Ms. Maria recently came back from the Philippines where she brought a little bit of Golden Dragon Defense to the children and families of Masbate. She brought a traditional American Easter egg hunt with over 800 eggs to the children from her hometown of Cataingan. A huge thank you to our GDD families who donated basic first aid supplies and filled Easter eggs in addition to cash donations which were used to prepare bags of food for 60 families. The pictures tell the stories of appreciation! We heard lots of laughter and saw many smiles on the children's faces when they saw all of the eggs we left for them to find. The families who received medical supplies and bags of food were very ....

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  • Thank you GDD families!

    Ms. Maria is heading to the Philippines later this month to perform humanitarian work for the children and families in her hometown of Cataingan, Masbate. Thank you to ALL of the GDD families who donated supplies. We will bring Easter eggs, first aid supplies, and other basic necessities. Stay tuned for pictures and more details once she returns! ....

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  • Congratulations to our March and April testers

    Congratulations to our March and April testers

    On March 15 th , 20 GDD students tested for their next belt level. We now have several new yellow stripe, yellow belt, green stripe, blue stripe, and one red belt! On April 5 th , ten more students tested. Congratulations to all new belts! ....

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  • Congratulations to Mr. Taylor

    Congratulations to Mr. Taylor

    Last Friday, Golden Dragon Defense held our second Black Belt Testing for Mr. Taylor Boone. For three grueling hours, Mr. Taylor showed true indomitable spirit and perseverance. Mr. Taylor came back to Tae Kwon Do after a long hiatus to continue his training with Ms. Maria. Congratulations Mr. Taylor and welcome to the Black Belt family! ....

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